#passiton No Child Born To Die

We never realise what a fortunate position we are in here until someone takes that one extra step to make us sit up in our chair and have a good hard look at ourselves, our families and our lives.  We have a National Health Service that provides care and medication.  We have the opportunity to decide whether our children have the free vaccinations to help them towards a healthy childhood.  Our children can be protected against diseases such as pneumonia, measles and polio.  

Currently one in five children worldwide do not receive vaccinations of any kind leaving them vulnerable to potentially life-threatening diseases.  Ahead of the Global Alliance for Vaccinations (GAVI) summit, lead by David Cameron in London in June, Save the Children are following the Cold Trail of a vaccine from London to Mozambique - so called because vaccines have to be kept cold even in difficult circumstances.

Going with Save The Children on the Cold Trail this year is a well-known and much-loved member of the parent blogging community.  Christine Mosler, who blogs at Thinly Spread is determined to raise awareness and collate the information needed at the GAVI summit to convince the world leaders to make available the necessary funds that will allow vaccinations to become freely available.  Currently 4 million children die every year because they don't get access to vital, live-saving vaccines.

How can you help?

YOU can sign the petition on the Save The Children website.
YOU can pass on this information on Facebook, Twitter (hashtag #passiton), forums, your blog, anywhere.  Copy this post word for word if you need to.
YOU can use the image below to show your support - right-click and save it to your computer then use it as your avatar, Twitpic it, upload it to Facebook and tag your friends in it, print it out and pass it on.
YOU can encourage people to sign the petition.
YOU can help save lives.

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Can you give up a small corner of your internet world to help #passiton ?

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Christine is a regular player of the FridayTwiz so, in support of Chris, this weeks Twiz will have an Africa-based theme.  I am going to request that players use the #passiton hashtag as much as possible to raise awareness.  If anyone who asks what it means, just direct them back to this page using this short URL: