My Kitchen - A Weekend Vlog

A bit of fun on a Saturday.

Pippa challenged me to "vlog" my kitchen.  I believe she possibly thought it was going to be as bad as my fridge but I'm afraid that my husband is quite kitchen proud and gets a bit OCD where the kitchen is concerned.  Apologies for the crappy quality but the video has been taken on my phone.  I REALLY want a Flip Camera but I will have to wish hard for that.  Anyway, for your delectation... my kitchen

Edit:  I realised that I'd missed out a corner of the kitchen with a massive design fault, so here it is...

  • Vlog = video blog (I'm just finding my feet with these at the moment)
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  • The very famous Fridge of a Bad Parent blog post

Do you fancy showing me round your kitchen?  Just take a quick video let me know when you're done so I can come and have a nosy.