Wikio Parent Blog Rankings - May Preview

A sneak preview of the Wikio rankings for May (if you like that type of thing).  The full list will be published by Wikio on 5th May 2011.

As ever, these types of lists and rankings split the blogging world right down the middle.  It would be interesting to hear your comments and views on this, especially as there has been a lot of talk recently about the value of rankings in a community where emphasis is on how you should blog for yourself and for enjoyment rather than for other people.  Readers are a bonus... or are they?  What is the point of having an online blog (following whatever theme you have chosen) if no-one reads it or do you just want somewhere to order your thoughts?

1Sticky Fingers
2ParentDish - UK
3Madhouse Family Reviews !
4Baby Budgeting
5Redtedart's Blog
6Mummy from the Heart.......
7PhD in Parenting
8Kate Takes 5
9Thinly Spread
10journey of the mocha bean(s) and mummy
12Who's the Mummy?
13Cafe Bebe
14The Five Fs blog
15All Baby Advice
17Offbeat Mama
18Are we nearly there yet mummy?
19notes from home
20Maison Cupcake

Ranking made by Wikio

Edit:  9th May 2011 - Wikio Rankings Explained