Soundtrack To My Life - The Rave Years

Every time I watch this video I am transported back to an era.

Warehouse parties, illegal raves, whatever you want to call them... getting lashed up (and the rest), driving to a motorway services station - usually Charnock Richard, joining a convoy of about twenty or thirty other cars, bombing off back down the motorway, off at a random junction, down a few B-roads, over a field and into a disused barn.  You then entered a world of loud music that touched your soul.  Bright lights that sent energy into your body.  Beats that rocked your world.  Out into the sunrise and off to the nearest greasy spoon for breakfast then home to sleep for about twelve hours.

The decent clubs were few and far between but we had a few trips out to Wigan Pier.  Otherwise we had to make do with the local nightclubs where the music was still rave-orientated but a bit commercial.

Then it all ended after the children started to arrive.  Apart from the very occasional (I can count them on three fingers) times that I had an overnight babysitter I had to make do with mini-raves in my lounge.  We always meant to go to Ibiza and storm the clubs but it never happened and now we can't for fear of looking like Kevin The Teenager's parents.

So, after seeing Sian's and Claire's blog posts, born from a late night Skype chat, reminising the club days, I had to gatecrash and suggest some tracks for their Ultimate Playlist on Spotify.  Crank up the volume and join me in my front room rave whilst I wait for Joanne to come up with some corkers.  She's going to LOVE this idea!!

D-Mob - We Call It Acieed

The Prodigy - Out of Space

Oceanic - Insanity

Krome & Time - Manic Stampede

Robert Miles - Children

E-Zee Possee & MC Kinky - Everything Starts With An 'E'

MC Lethal - Rave Digger

Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives

Ethics-La Luna - To The Beat Of The Drum

Together - Hardcore Uproar