Twitter versus Texting

Whenever I open the Daily Fail's Entertainment Section Sidebar of Shame (don't judge me...) I am treated to a number of reports based around zeleb's twitter activity, including bitch-slap rows, omgshesnotwearingmakeup shocker twitpics and Get.A.Room voyeuristic tweets.

twitter versus texting, tweeting, text, twitter birds, The main culprits are the TOWIE* crew and I always wondered why they insisted on public tweeting whilst out on the town rather than private texting.  It has always seemed very "HEY.  ME.  OVER HERE.  YES, ME.  LOOK AT ME AND MY PLASTIC-CELEBRITY MATES"...

That was until I attended two rather large conferences this year!

In a situation like that, almost everyone use Twitter.  It's sooooo much easier to pull up your phone's Twitter app, with all the names preloaded and tweet out something along the lines of :
Saw @superamazingmum earlier and then lost her... where are you, Sophie?
And you get a response along the lines of:
[from @mummybarrow] @nickie72 @superamazingmum where are you?!!! SAM and I on the table in back corner but only me here at mo.
[from me] @mummybarrow @superamazingmum right at the front. I darent move after the sophie king episode last year @3bedroom

Result!  Sophie can't be arsed responding to me is otherwise engaged but I have now located her and another person I wanted to speak to on the day.  People-You-Meet-Off-The-Internet don't want to swap mobile numbers most of the time probably because you could get embroiled in a stalker situation after the main event, especially if they aren't what they seemed to be - but it's more likely to be that it's easier to tweet out to multiple people, albeit a tad egotistical.  Having people @mention you is a one-size-fits-all solution.  And, as for the Twitter flirting (public sexting)... seriously, find your Direct Message column and use that inappropriately instead.

Tweet or Text... what floats your boat?

(PS.  You may want to read my "kthnxbai" and other annoying Twitter habits post)

 TOWIE = The Only Way Is Essex.  I only know this because of the Sidebar of Shame. I can count the times I have watched the show on three fingers.  I am, however, fascinated by the way in which they have achieved apparent celebrity status through their crap acting and copious use of fake tan.