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Soundtrack To My Life
On Soundtrack To My Life, I'm trying to get a variety of people to contribute and knew that my sister-in-law, Trish, would definitely be forthcoming with her tunes.  I love Trish to bits for reasons that don't need explaining.  We clicked from the beginning - what sometimes seems a very long 22 years ago - and we swing from being very alike to very different.  We have similar tastes in music but the conversation that ensued via Twitter for her fourth song made me howl laughing and still makes me giggle when I think back to it now.  You'll soon see why.  Here are Trish's choices and the story behind each one.


Spandau Ballet - True

Trish is a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) Spandau Ballet fan.  I made her come to see Duran Duran with me in on that memorable day in 2005 (18th December if you're wondering - I'll tell you the full story another time) and she was convinced she would hate it.  She ended up having a fab time but I could never convert her completely.  She has included this song as it was her wedding song.  

Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind

Trish hasn't told me much about why she has chosen this song.  Just simply that it's the only song by her favourite actor.  That's a good enough reason for me.

Liverpool FC - Anfield Rap

I just knew that Trish would have to include something that resonated with Liverpool Football Club. and I can honestly say this is the only time EVER that this song will be embedded on my blog.  She says, "Have to give LFC a mention.  Did you know I love Liverpool?" (cue an *eyeroll* from me)  Even I have to admit though, that there's some real football legends in this video and yet another chance to hear John Barnes rapping...

The Darkenss - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells Ring)

On the form that you can fill in to take part in this series, Trish said that she asked Keith (her husband - my brother-in-law) what his favourite song was.  He apparently said, "That Christmas one with the bells."  The conversation that followed went something like this...

Keith's favourite song is by The Darkness?  Fuck off!

That's what he said.

hahahahaahhahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahahhahahaha *breathe* hahahahaha 
Are you sure?

Oh hang on.  He might mean that one by East 17.  I'll check.

Nooooo.  That's just as bad.

Yes, he means The Darkness.

hahahahaahhahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahahhahahaha *breathe* hahahahaha

Robbie Williams - Strong

It's a close call between her beloved Spandau Ballet and Robbie Williams so I knew there would also be a Robbie one and I could almost lay bets on it being this one as it's her favourite.  I went to see Mr W at Roundhey Park in Leeds in 2006 and the concert was being shown live on Sky One (with a half hour delay).  I rang her when Strong came on and let Robbie sing down the phone to her (well... sort of).  She was sat in the local Working Men's Club battling to have the concert shown on the games room television.  She was losing against the snooker or the footie, I believe, so my call was the next best thing.

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