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soundtrack to my lifeWe had a slight interlude with Soundtrack To My Life last week but we're back with a vengeance.  This week I am featuring Nicola whom I first met on a parenting forum a few years ago.  Nicola's blog has taken what may be considered a rather macabre turn as she is a taphophile (passionate about cemeteries).  However, her photographs and her additional "freaky" and "murderous" posts are really interesting.  Here are Nicola's musical choices and the tale behind why she has chosen each one. 


Diana Ross - Chain Reaction

This is the first song i can ever recall actually liking.  I must have been about 5 years old at the time, maybe even younger when it was played on the radio and the video shown on the television.  I have no idea why I liked the song so much, but I did.  Even to the point where I asked if I could have the song for my birthday.  I didn't get it, thus started a long path to disappointment.  Anyway, I still turn up the radio on the rare occasion it's ever played.


Guns N' Roses - November Rain

This song is from a very difficult time in my past.  I was living in a homeless hostel with an abusive partner and expecting my first child.  Sadly, all I had to see me through the dark moments was music, mainly Guns N Roses.  Even now, I can't listen to this song without being transported back, but this is something I'm truly thankful for as it reminds me that life can be dark and suffocating at times, but there's always a way through it to better times.


Linkin Park - Numb

This song could be played in the background throughout my entire life.  i have never truly felt I have belonged anywhere and that I am a huge disappointment to those around me.  I am constantly told by others that I "could" have made something of myself.  yet no-one seems to care that I have become all that I wish to - a mother to three beautiful girls - and if that is failure in some people's eyes then they need a new perspective on life.


Enrique Iglesias - Hero

This song was the first dance at my wedding.  The choice was more my husband's than mine but over time the song has grown on me and I feel almost as if my husband is speaking to me through the lyrics.  We have our differences and disagreements and, yes, i could be a better wife if I am truthful.  But it means so much to know that during those times when i just need someone to tell me it's all going to be okay, he's there for me.


Voltaire - The Beast of Pirate's Bay

This song is for my daughters.  Not the kind of lullaby that most people are used to but my girls love it and always demand I sing it to them.  Even baby Jessica loves it but I think that's more to do with the melody than the lyrics.



You can find Nicola talking about cemeteries and murders over on her blog, Herding Cats, and you can catch her on Twitter as @SeaThreePeaO  

If you want to join in with Soundtrack To My Life you can complete this form and I'll be in touch when your feature is due to go live.  Click on the mix-tape to the right to read all the "Soundtrack To My Life" entries.


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