A Day Out With My Husband

"Fancy a ride out, love?" my husband asked this morning.  I had a think for a couple of minutes and accepted, wondering if we're going to have a drive over to Yorkshire to see a friend who got married a short while ago.  

I'm normally cooped  up in the office or delivering training sessions up and down Lancashire all week so I togged up in my nice jeans, my favourite Muppets t-shirt and my be-YOU-tiful boots from Zalando.  I wondered if I should pack a picnic for the journey.

Here's where we ended up... (click pictures to enlarge).  Lucky, LUCKY me.

scrapyard wars scrapyard wars

Scrapyard WarsScrapyard Wars

Things I learnt today:
  • My be-YOU-tiful boots from Zalando have a hole in them somewhere as I ended up with a wet foot
  • Scrapyards do not have the cast of Top Gear or Robert Llewellyn and Lisa Rodgers running round them making exciting TV shows
  • You shouldn't laugh when your husband drops a teeny tiny spanner under a car
  • Holding spanners makes your hands oily
  • It is easy to steal a small indicator light for the wing of a Saxo by putting it in your pocket and walking out nonchalantly
  • Scrapyards make for interesting photo opportunities
  • You can walk for miles up and down the rows of cars and not find what you want
  • Toyota appear to make the best cars to finish life is a scrapyard

I wonder what we'll get up to tomorrow?



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