The Sound Of Silence

Fleetwood 2012 - Silence

Do me a favour... close your eyes and just listen for a minute.  What can you hear?

It's hardly ever quiet here but just whilst I'm writing this post everyone has gone to bed and I've switched the television off.  It feels quiet but if I close my eyes I can hear my fingers tapping away at the keys (I touch type so I know it will be right *squints through one eye to check*), the fan kicking in to cool the laptop down, a car driving past the side of the house, one of the bearded dragons climbing up a branch to settle in for the night and the dishwasher finishing its final rinse.

Is it ever really silent?  I love going off in the car to the beach or anywhere really... somewhere away from "here" but, even then, it's still never really quiet - there's always noise.  A couple of years ago I wrote about what I would do if I had a whole hour just for me.  Well, I've had plenty of spare hours but I've never done what I promised myself I would.  I wonder why?  

Do you ever take time out for yourself.  If so, what do you do?  If not, why not?  

What did you hear when you closed your eyes?