I Get A 'Professional' Make-Over

I have no idea why I have never done this before but its a genius idea courtesy of Jayne from "Mum's The Word".  I thought about asking my own kids to help me out with this but I'm striving to be "Fun Nana" so decided that I'd give the grandchildren a time to shine.

Want to join in?  There are rules, of course...
  • You must offer them everything you have in your make-up bag (Jayne banned scissors and eyelash curlers but I like to live dangerously)
  • You must not influence colours or products
  • You must not help with technique
  • The end photo must be unedited.

Here's my storyboard  of what turned out to be quite an entertaining hour.


This is my spare make-up...

What?  You didn't think I'd use my 'proper' make-up, did you?