Back To School

Cheer up, Jake!
You're going back to school.
Yeah, I know everyone did their "Back To School" posts last week but Jake's school (part of the Building Schools for the Future programme) was being rebuilt over the summer break and wasn't quite finished.  Therefore their start date was put back a week.  

The other reason this is a massive moment in this house is because it's actually 15 weeks since Jake set foot in his school (with the exception of one day).  He had three weeks off because of a recurring virus and then had the one day back in school.  Later that evening he broke his foot which meant that he couldn't go back into school until the cast was off.  This was a total of four weeks and the cast came off the day the schools broke up for summer.  The summer break was just short of seven weeks long and then the delayed start.

The uniform has changed this year - they are no longer in polo shirts and jumpers but in full suits with a different colour trim and tie for each year group.  It looks really smart and a move that I've supported (although my purse says different).  The suit looks far too big for him but I'm sure the next growth spurt will sort that out.

Doesn't he look so much older?  It's options year as well... time to knuckle down and get on with it!