A Mini-Rant About The Daily Mail...

Apologies in advance but it's weekend and I'm trapped inside my house as it's cordoned off with police tape - but that's another story and a rather long one.

So... we all know that the Daily Mail Sidebar Of Shame is a guilty pleasure for a number of people, including me.  I sometimes go one step further and leave a comment or two just to poke the fire with a shitty stick.  All in the name of entertainment, naturally.

Last night I was browsing the "articles" when I felt compelled to leave a scathing comment on an in-depth article about Imogen Thomas' pregnancy (it was late and no-one was around to save me).  I waded into the realms of the new comment registration system implemented by the DM.  I started to register my details but was met with this (click image to enlarge):

daily mail

First of all, a note to those outside of London... we don't all live in a "city".  Secondly, since when has Blackburn contained a 'banned word'?  I have tried all sorts of possibilities:
  • Lack
  • Ack
  • Ackbu
  • Burn
  • Lackbu...
Surely the Daily Mail isn't attempting to ban the word 'black' now or presuming that the town where I live suggests that it's residents abide by a literal interpretation?