Soundtrack To My Life - Paula

soundtrack to my lifeI have an ENORMOUS confession to make.  This weeks Soundtrack To My Life should have been posted up last week to celebrate Paula's 40th Birthday.  Paula is one of my besties on Twitter and we had the chance to meet up a few weeks ago.  She's just as amazing in real life as I thought she would be.  And to show how much I love her, I allowed her to post her last song without questioning it even though it is #2 in my most hated songs ever.  THAT'S true friendship right there.


Barbara Streisand - Secondhand Rose 

My mum always sang this at family gatherings from as far back as I can remember. I could never really understand it when I was younger, but that didn't stop me memorising all the lyrics.


 Boney M - Rasputin 

We lived in a two up, two down - all eleven of us. There was a girls room, a boys room and my folks slept downstairs. In the girls room, there was a big Boney M poster that used to frighten the bejesus outta me! The eyes used to follow me around the room.


 Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now 

Naff maybe, but this was my teenage years. I didn't realise back then what awful dress sense she had. But I can still remember dancing around my bedroom and every time I hear it, I'm 16 again!


Van Morrison - Days Like This 

I've already written a blog post about this, but this is "our" song and when I hear it I go a little big gooey inside


 Feel It - The Tamperer 

Will always remind me of my son, Andy, who at 2 used to sing "chimney on her" at the top of his voice whenever he heard this. He still has appalling taste in music.



soundtrack to my life
You can find Paula on Twitter as @paulamaher which happens to be her name, so that's handy.  She also is an amazing poet and needs TELLING to get this off the ground somehow.  You can hear one of her poems here but she'll also sing for you if you ask nicely enough (honestly - click on this link - it's GREAT - my words, her voice).   Paula also writes the blog Cad É An Scéal.

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