How to make Grandparenting full of Win!

Being a grandparent means that you get most of the good stuff in short, manageable bursts (sometimes).  But there has to be a plan so you can appear to be The Best Grandparent In The World.  And, whilst they are young enough to have the wool pulled over their eyes, you might as well take advantage of it.


post-it notes

Post-It Notes

A block of Post-It Notes and a pencil make an instant art gallery.  Quick drawings on small pieces of paper that can be stuck to the wall without fear of creating marks that will stay there until the next time you decorate. And if you really want to go retro then amaze your grandchildren with a stickman flip-book using another block of Post-It Notes!



I was sent Hexbugs to review AGES ago and the batteries are still going strong.  A toybox staple and used to enthrall and scare in equal measures.  A Hexbug down the vest is cause for great hilarity... and that's just Grandad!

two grandchildren and a dog Treats for the dog

It's hard when you introduce a puppy to young children who aren't in the house all the time.  Especially when both puppy and afore-mentioned children are a bit too young to sit quietly for any length of time.  We are building up trust between both by taking the dog to the park together and allowing for lots of treats.  Time out in the crate works well too.  We make the decision of whether it's children or dog depending on who is most excitable...


Not wearing shoes on the park

Just as the children whip off their shoes less than a minute after walking into the house, they do the same on the park.  Apparently it makes the slide slidier, the roundabout faster and the swing higher.

Dance to Gangnam Style

It might be the worst song in the world but you will always be amazed that your four year old knows the dance moves and when to come in with the final "Eh, eh, eh, eh".  (Hearing her sing Olly Murs' 'Troublemaker' to herself whilst doing jigsaws is pretty cute too!)

odd shoes

Wear unusual clothes 

The best sound in all the world is the exclamation of "Oh Nana, I LOVE your pink shoes" or "That's your monkey jumper!".

If you're a grandparent, what's your ideal "Full Of Win" activity?