Soundtrack To My Life - Catherine

soundtrack to my life
Catherine has been a Twitter friend for about three years now (is it really that long?) and we share a love of all things quizzical which started with the Friday Twiz.  Her Soundtrack To My Life is short and sweet but sometimes you only need a few words to get your point across.  For now, it's over to Catherine for her tunes...


The Ramones - Baby I Love You  

Very special to me because it is the top of "our" songs. I just love the words, the music, everything about it. Makes me cry every time. Which is good.


David Byrne - Don't Fence Me In  

This express how I am more than any other song. I can't stand being fenced in, forced to do things I don't want to do, go places I don't want to go to. I want to do what I want and be free to always make my own choices.


Ella Fitzgerald - Manhattan  

Everything about this song is perfect to me: Ella's voice: the music: everything. It transports to you to a place of perfect happiness.


Ian Dury - Hit Me With Your Rythym Stick  

First song I ever danced to with my husband. It always reminds me of the brilliant and very mad times we all had then. And the sax on it is amazing.


Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always  

Well, obvious reasons ~ hope my hub is always my first and last and always. But in the days he used to do discos he would finish off with this. Which meant I would then have him back to my (greedy) self.



soundtrack to my life
Cath's official website details her holiday cottage in Ireland - Daisy Cottage.  You can find her on Twitter as @DaisyCottageIRL or driving the @MondayMusicQuiz which is, er... a music quiz, on Twitter, on Mondays.

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