The Gallery : Youth

Occasionally there is a Gallery prompt that makes me revisit my past rather than post a picture up from recent times.  This week, Tara's theme of "Youth" has given me the opportunity to share yet more images that have, until now, been banished to the family photo albums, only seeing the light of day to embarrass friends and family at (in)opportune moments.

Firstly, you can see how I was a social media trailblazer.  I went to a primary school in St Annes called Our Lady Star of the Sea so when we entered sports events our name was shortened to "OL".  However, as the team line up you can clearly see us spelling out "LOL"!  I wonder who else was laughing at us that day?

primary school sports event

Next,  a shot of a particularly amazing hair style and fashionable shirt.  I can't remember where we'd been but we'd obviously enjoyed ourselves.  No, I'm not smashed, that's my sultry look.  Isn't my husband (not on the picture) a lucky man? 

living in the 80s

And finally, the money shot!  Me in a bikini, on a boat in Ibiza somewhere.  I wish I'd flaunted this body a bit more as it's only now that I appreciate it.  I should have looked after it and honed it instead of presuming that I'd always look like this (with or without the dodgy perm).

on a boat in a bikini

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