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soundtrack to my life
Debbie has patiently been waiting since October for me to publish her Soundtrack To My Life.  She is mum to three children and lives in South Wales with a small menagerie.  Debbie blogs just because she can and her details are at the end of this post.  But let's start with her tunes (there's even one of my guilty pleasures in this list and I have a story for Seasons in the Sun too - but more of that another time)...


Terry Jacks - Seasons in the Sun 

My mum and dad really introduced me to music. Thursday nights at 7pm were sacred. A bit like being allowed to sort through button boxes and jewellery boxes, every now and again on a Sunday night, after we had all been bathed, I was allowed back downstairs to listen to LPs with my mum. Now, with my own daughter, I am not sure who was fooling who, but I remember the more records I lined up to listen to the later I got to stay up, until my mum would realise the time and I'd go straight to bed. This song just takes me right back to that moment.

The Levellers - One Way 

Not only a good track but probably the one I credit most for how I turned out. It defined my teenage years. All those moments when I felt I had to stand for what I believed in, for difficult decisions that had to made, I fell back on this song for motivation. And, for those who were there- for Metro's: the 'nightclub' with the drippy ceiling.

Counting Crows - Mrs Potters Lullaby 

A track where the lyrics mean as much as the music. What most defines it to me: "If you've never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame". To this day I love travelling by train. I don't care who sits next to me if there's a window to look out. It's sort of the song that makes it ok to feel lonely, to be happy in your own company. It doesn't have to be that way, but when if happens, it's not a bad thing.

Christina Aguilera - Fighter 

Another which has helped me through difficult times. This is the track I play when I know I'm going into a situation where I need to do everything in my being not to break down and cry. It is probably the most random choice for my top 5 tracks, but it is the track I always turn to. Now, mainly in a work context. And that's not good.

Blue October - Calling You 

I found it most difficult to choose a Blue October track. Blue October are sort of 'our' band. As in, Mr J and I. I would have to admit that he introduced them to me (don't ever tell him that) and that he is probably the bigger fan (or that!). There are so many amazing lyrics, from becoming a father, coping with drug abuse, separation. I love the emotion of 'Hate me', and how 'Blue does' just defines, to me, having a daughter. This song, this was our 'first dance' at our wedding. Our song. And when I asked Mr J what would be in his Top 5, this was the only one we had in common- it was meant to be!


soundtrack to my life
Debbie can be found blogging at Johnson Babies and is on Twitter as @_johnsonbabies.   

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