Top Ten TV Theme Tunes

Top Ten TV Theme Tunes
There have been many a great TV theme tune; it's a talent that cannot be surpassed. You have approximately 30 seconds to set the tone of the show and create something catchy and instantly recognisable. 

So, after a conversation on Twitter and Facebook I decided to compile my Top Ten TV Theme Tunes (bit of fantastic alliteration for you there).  There are many that didn't quite make the grade and they are listed at the bottom.

What would make the top spot on your list?
Let me know in the comments.


 Six Feet Under

The South Bank Show

The Muppet Show 

Grange Hill 

Jonny Briggs 

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air



Hawaii 5-0 


The ones that didn't quite make it...

The Golden Girls, Cheers, Taxi, Hill Street Blues, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Brush Strokes, Lovejoy, Murder She Wrote, True Blood, Quincy, Sorry, Ski Sunday, Butterflies, Roobarb & Custard, The Littlest Hobo, Cagney & Lacey, MASH, Dr Who, Moonlighting

Is yours on the list?  What would you add?


Nickie O'Hara Juice Lancashire Metro - Nickie O'Hara


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