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soundtrack to my life
Soundtrack To My Life has returned!  To take us through her musical journey this week is Liz - blogger and communications extraordinaire!  Liz is on the mum blogger circuit and writes about life as a full time, self-employed woman with two sons at primary school and her marriage to her "Lovely Bloke".  So now, it's over to Liz...


Barry White - My First, My Last, My Everything

My first choice is "My First, My Last, My Everything" by Barry White. It has seen me through happy and sad times. It's something that still makes me feel good whenever I hear it!

I have chosen to share this version with the Ally McBeal cast dancing in it because I can do that dance. I've spent many, many hours practising it and am waiting for the moment to come when I do it for an audience!!

Tina Turner - Simply The Best

My second choice is Tina Turner's "Simply the best". I love it because it's a song that I've listened to with my mum and dad, in the car, as a child.

We used to trek to my grandparents in Chesterfield every other weekend and the journeys were filled with Tina Turner and Motown. I still love listening to them both today. And still do air guitar at the appropriate points in the Tina songs!

Dr Hook - Years From Now

The third song is the one that I as meant to go down the aisle to - Dr Hook's "Years From Now". On the day, the CD didn't work and a group of people were dispatched to their cars to see what CD's were in the glove box to find something that I could go down the aisle to!!!

It's a song that I've known since my childhood and is something that Lovely Bloke could agree on. He's very much into Lenny Kravitz and I'm into disco and dance, so it's something in the middle!

And if you're interested. The song that I ended up going down the aisle to was Norah Jones "Come Away With Me..."

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

My fourth song choice is "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer". I sing this to our boys in the night, when they can't sleep. I sing it when they are unwell. I sing it when they have fallen over and are upset.

It's used as an alternative to my other song I have for them, which is from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I kid you not.

Embrace - Ashes

My fifth choice is "Ashes" by Embrace. It's from the album that I was listening to the year that I was single and doing internet dating. The album covered me emotionally from the excitement of gearing up to meet new dates, the highs of meeting some really great blokes who've turned out to be lifelong friends and the aftermath of some truly awful dates.

The album also saw me through the first few weeks of working out if Lovely Bloke was "the one".  So it's fitting that it's my last pick, because it's the song and album that took my from one phase of my life, into the next one....

Who knows what the next five songs will be?


soundtrack to my lifeYou can find Liz over at Cambridge Mummy (or her business website is Weston Communications) and on Twitter as @TheLizWeston and she is most definitely on my "To Meet" list!

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