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soundtrack to my life
This week, on Soundtrack To My Life, I hand over to Sonya.  She's a mum to three and has an opinion on everything.  I'm very interested in her musical choices as she has played in bands herself all across Europe (I bet she's got a few stories to tell) and can still be persuaded to pick up that bass guitar again from time to time.  For now, it's over to Sonya...


David Bowie - Starman 

I first came across David Bowie when I saw him on the Spiders From Mars tour in 1973. Admittedly I had what is known as a 'restricted view' , what with being in utero and all, but it was definitely love at first listen. I still love him now and have seen him perform several times since, the last time being at Glastonbury more than ten years ago now. There are so many utterly awesome songs by him, but this particular one has special memories attached as it is also the one my Dad used to sing to me as a lullaby when I was small. Let The Children boogie indeed!

Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier 

I got this aged 6 and it was my first ever record, unless you count the Jungle Book soundtrack what my Nan did buy me (which is also awesome!). From a young girl dancing to the tribal beat on her chalk drawn hopscotch, via the pre-teen with burgundy pedal pushers and a white stripe on her nose, all the way up to the present day, he has stayed in my life through every decade! I finally got to see him live while pregnant with Syd, and he played lots of the early punk stuff that I adore, as well as the big hits. I still have a picture of him on my bedroom wall, although these days it is an arty canvas as opposed to something torn from the pages of Smash Hits magazine.

Billy Bragg - Milkman of Human Kindness 

Lord Billington of Bragg is my favourite lyricist of all times. And among my favourite public speakers too. His passion is always apparent, his rants resonate with me, I share many of his political views, even if I lack his ability to convey them with such style. Again hard to pick a favourite, but I often spout on about the thing the world is really lacking these days is the ability to be kind, listen to the words of this song if you have time, they are ace!

Green Day - Longview 

I am passionate about many musical artists. But these are the top of a very long list. I have no idea why, but their punk pop songs just make me feel better about the world every time I hear them. Even the angry ones. Especially the angry ones. From the first time I heard this song I was hooked, and it has led to many a crazy adventure, sometimes involving wimples and puppets and film cameras, but that dear reader is another story.

Take Me I'm Yours - Squeeze

5 is not enough songs for me. AARRGGGHHH! Which of the many, many on my shortlist of 43 songs that I ended up with after being asked to join in this fabulous series shall I pick last?!? I may have to come back another time with the songs that remind me of my kids, my bands, my Kim Deal worship, my folk heritage, my discovery of punk, my Smiths cardigan wearing years and all the others in between. But for my last song I will talk about love.

You know those books where the heroine realises the love of her life has been there all along and she just didn't know it was him. Well that was me. We had been friends for a decade when we fell in love. I am not one for soppy missives, but he makes me happy, and I make him happy, and it sort of started with this song. Dreams are made of this.


soundtrack to my lifeSonya's blog is appropriately called The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock'n'Roll Mum (have a look at some of her band memories and music posts - really interesting reads) and on Twitter as @SonyaCisco.

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