The Gallery - World Photography Day

Monday 19th August was World Photography Day which is all about celebrating photography. So, of course, Tara has requested that this week's Gallery pictures represent what you were doing on World Photography Day.

I wish I could have gone off exploring somewhere exciting or interesting with my camera. Instead, I had one of the most mind-blowingly busy days and almost forgot to snap a pic.  It started with a desk day at work, catching up after being out of the office delivering a course last week.  Later, at home, I live-tweeted the first episode of my new radio quiz show, The Big Cheese and then shot straight out of the door to speak at #PrestonGeekUp which was the most awesome experience. 

So, to capture that unusual (geek) moment I took a 'point of view' picture of some of the lovely people listening to my talk.  And they were listening intently.  They was no tweeting every third sentence or scribbling of notes but actual listening.  And asking of questions.  And the giving of opinions.  And making the event more interesting, interactive and enjoyable for the people in the room.  It's not the best ever photograph that I've taken (far from it) but it is a moment that I'm proud of.  And for me, that's what photography should be about.  Capturing those special moments in life.  The 'one off's'

Prestong Geek Up

There will be much more amazing pictures over on The Gallery (an online, continuous, digital photo album) so pop on over and have a browse through them.  Let's celebrate photography for the range of abilities, experiences and very individual points of view.