Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Best For My Home?

There’s an overwhelming array of vacuum cleaners available on the modern market which can render many of us not so much spoilt, but certainly confused about which one is best. When considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it’s important to consider a few points to help ascertain the kind of cleaner that will be most suited to your specific needs.

Consider how often you vacuum your carpets

Whether you tackle heavily trafficked areas on a daily or weekly basis, the type of vacuum you use can make cleaning less of a chore. If vacuuming is part of your daily routine, a lightweight model may be adequate for maintaining your home. For less frequent but more heavy-duty cleaning, you may need a larger model, with a bigger capacity for collecting dust.

Similarly, the size of your home will have an impact on your choice. Wall to wall carpeting in a substantial family home may require a large model that’s tough enough to tackle the task.

Contemplate a product’s cleaning power

The suction power and cyclonic strength of a vacuum cleaner will determine how well it deals with dirt and debris. If you have a hectic home with hoards of animals and children, then chances are you’ll need a powerful machine to pick up pet hair and cope with crumbs.

The cleaner’s filtration level and its ability to agitate fibres and draw up dirt are also key points for consideration, particularly if householders are aggravated by allergies. At the other end of the scale, a single person in a small home may find a handheld vacuum cleaner a useful addition to their cleaning cupboard.

Choose style and substance

The style of cleaner you should choose isn’t simply a case of personal taste. Bagless vacuum cleaners negate the necessity for replacement bags, but can sometimes expose the user to dust when emptying the canister. For this reason, allergy sufferers may prefer to use vacuum bags which contain the dust particles and thus reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure to allergens.

When examining the appeal of different makes and models, manoeuvrability may be a key concern. Upright models offer ease of movement around a room, whereas cylinder styles are often better suited to stairs and harder to reach nooks and crannies. When making a choice, consider the features that will help make light work of your household chores. 

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