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This blog post is for the Weekly Gallery that Tara over at "Sticky Fingers" is running.   Use a picture you already have or a picture that you've taken especially for the theme that best fits the prompt.  Post it on your blog and write about it.

 This week's theme is "Me".

For me this is difficult as I am a very insecure person (yes, I really am... honestly - oh SOD OFF!!!) and I really dislike my photograph being taken.  There are whole chunks of my life history missing because I was either hiding from the camera or hiding behind the camera.

These two photos have to be my favourite shots from my teenage years.  They just encapsulate the whole of the 80s for me.
Photobucket      Photobucket
(l) with my best friend, Vikki, taking part in a 3-legged pub crawl for charity
(r) reluctantly, somewhere in France, on a family caravan holiday

I also love to see comparisons of people over the years so managed to lose a whole evening the other day to this website (take a look - it's great!).  I've got a couple of my own... please don't laugh too hard...

What a difference four years makes!
From first year to fourth year at high school...
From all innocent to all-knowing.

My prison passport photos
(l) 2007 (r) 1997

Anyway, I've grown up and everything now (stop laughing at the back!!) and have realised that what I see isn't necessarily what you see and that I'm obviously more critical of myself.

And this is the me I see now - 

Bitch, lover, child, mother and Nana of two -
all accomplished by the age of 37!!

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