Don't Worry... Be Happy

I've been tagged for an "Happy 101 Award" by Susie at NewDayNewLesson which is good really because I wanted to write something tonight as I'm still on a high from yesterday's blog post.  So, first of all, thank you to Susie and my tagged victims recipients will be at the bottom of the post.

Happiness is a science (apparently) and can be measured by a simple question: "Are you happy?"  What I define as 'happy' will probably not register on your scale of happiness but the theory is the same for all of us - we all have triggers that activate the emotion.

So, I have to list ten things that make me happy.  And now I've sat down to do it, it's not that easy...

  1. Shiny New Things - just anything really.  This month we are buying a new carpet for the stairs/landing and a new fire for the main lounge.  Boring *yawn* but it's NEW and I am just short of doing baby jumps and clapping my hands in excitement.
  2. Writing - I'm beginning to find myself with my writing and I'm pleased with the direction that it is taking. *think positive thoughts*
  3. Sunshine - yesterday was the first time we had the windows open at work and the sun streaming in and it actually felt like Spring.  I think that's why I'm feeling so positive at the moment.
  4. Money - oh yes... I am that shallow.  I have money; I spend it.  It's a vicious circle but Shiny New Things bought with Money makes me happy.  Simples.
  5. Social Networking - I am a self-confessed social networking whore and I love it.  I've blogged about it many times before.  My friends live inside my computer and, yes, I realise that this makes me seem very sad and that is an oxymoron.  I do not care.
  6. My Magic Eyes - my new continuous wear contact lenses are my new magic eyes and I do love them so.  I can see when I wake in the morning, I can watch TV in bed and I can rid myself of the dent on the bridge of my nose that seems to be a permanent fixture when I'm wearing glasses
  7. Music - I could not live without my music.  Radio, YouTube, mp3 player, Windows Media Player, satellite music channel, whatever.  It doesn't have to be current... just melodic.  I also love to sing along and I'm not a good singer.  Ride in my car with me at your own risk.
  8. Neat Eyebrows - I have recently become a fan of "threading".  Oh my god, IT HURTS but it looks FABULOUS!!  I have a great little loyalty deal with the beauty therapist at Debenhams too... go five times and get the sixth for free.  Happy days.
  9. Fridays - yes, I love my job but Friday evenings are my "kick back" time and whether I'm networking socially, going out to the pub, watching something on the TV or having friends round it is something for me to look forward to.
  10. Wine.  See below:
The philosophy professor had a few things lying in front of him on the desk. When class began, he took a big empty jar and filled it to the brim with stones. He asked the students whether or not the glass was full; they assented.  

Then, the professor took a box of pebbles and emptied it over the jar. The pebbles, of course, filled the space between the stones. He asked the students again whether or not the glass was full. Some of them laughed, but all of them said yes. 

Now, the professor took a box of sand and poured it over the jar.  Naturally, the sand filled the remaining space between the pebbles.  "Well", the professor said, "I want you to perceive that this glass is like your life! 

The stones are the important things in your life: your family, your partner, your children, your health - things which, if your life would be deprived of everything else, would still make your life complete and fulfilled.   The pebbles are less important things, such as your work, your house, or your car.  The sand is all the little details in life. If you would fill the sand first into the glass, then there would be no room left for the important things. It is the same in life: if you spend your energy first on the minor things, then you won't have any left for the important things. 
So, first pay attention to the important stones in your life, they are the only things that really count. There will always be time left for work, household, and parties." 

After class, one of the students took the glass, filled with stones, pebbles, and sand, and poured a mug of beer into it. Now it was really full. 

And the moral is: no matter how filled your life is, there is always room for alcohol! 

So, who to tag?  This is going to be completely random...

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