Has "Glee" enhanced or ruined your musical enjoyment?

It was during the trailers that I knew "Glee" was going to be my type of programme.  However, I didn't think that it would constantly re-introduce me to music long forgotten but always loved - I had not felt "chills" when listening to a song for ages.  It started with Don't Stop Believin' by Journey wafting out of my speakers and me remembering this:

I just want to be one of the "ba-ba-ba" people - that would be enough.

I'm just listening to Radio 2 and hear the song "Don't Stand So Close To Me" (Police version).  Immediately I think of this version from last week's episode of Glee:

I hear Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond but cannot help but think of this... and drool ever so slightly:

... sorry... where was I?  Oh yes...

Who else now believes that Beyonce's Single Ladies dance is now actually possible?

and because of this next song I now NEED to go and see Wicked as soon as possible!!

Glee has captured that "feel-good" emotion in me that has been missing for a while.  Television is full of doom and gloom, soap operas, reality programmes and cutting edge documentaries and we all need a little escapism once in a while.  Glee does it for me.

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