Guest Post - from Lisa at "Deeply Flawed But Trying"

So I was asked to write a guest post on Nickie's blog. I was very excited about this, and then catastrophe befell me. My internet died. Somewhere between my own slightly crap time management, and my ISP's inability to answer the phone, the opportunity to write this post disappeared.

But finally, only slightly later than I originally thought - here I am.

When I started blogging, I was bored. I was at home with a two year old, and I thought my brain was turning to mush.  I started a blog.

I didn't expect anyone to read it, I didn't expect to continue doing it. I wrote a 100 word post, and 6 months later, I have 4000 readers a month, and I am occasionally (very very occasionally) being paid to write.  I read an article that said mothers, with young children, are on the internet longer than any other demographic, longer than teenagers, longer than students. I identify with this. On the days I am at home by myself, the internet is on all day. I sometimes can't stop for a telephone call, I can't just nip off to sort something, yet I might have been in on my own all day. My laptop is open in the corner, to provide me with a link to the world-all day.

My blog is one of thousands of blogs which are described as 'mummy blogs'. When I went looking for these 'mummy blogs'- I expected to find dull blogs. Blogs dealing with toilet training, or weaning. What I actually found, were thousands of very individual blogs. Blogs which were about parenting and working, blogs about being single, blogs about immunisations, blogs about politics. Blogs which may be written by 'mummies' but which are actually the perspectives of thousands of women, who happen to be mothers. With thousands of areas of interest, and far from being dull, trite, and banal. They are voices which I wouldn't hear without blogging.

My blog is not just about parenting. You will find posts about parenting on there, there are posts about my days, posts about the things I am struggling with. You are as likely to find on there, a post about the new Tory economic policy, religion, as a post about cbeebies.

So today, I have done a guest post on Nickies blog, and she on mine - so that the people who read them have a link to going finding another voice, which is now heard, through this marvellous medium! And now that my internet is finally switched back on, I might go and read some more too. After I have spent an hour on hold to my ISP, trying to get them to sort my internet, so that I can.'

* * * 

You can find Lisa's blog here and I suggest you take a look.  She has a very interesting take on current affairs and the way in which everyday life affects her family (see the blog post entitled "Nuts" - an eye opener)

Lisa, thanks for taking part in the Guest Post Day.  It's been a pleasure to have you posting on my blog.  The Guest Post Day was the brainchild of Erica at and was to encourage the blogging community to reach new audiences, read other blogs and write more!!!

I am guest posting on Lisa's blog - you can view the post by clicking THIS LINK!!  Go on... do it now... WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE??