Plastic Fantastic

There's a new award/meme being bounced around the blogosphere (created by Tattoo'd Mummy)  and I've been nominated by Nova at Cherished By Me.  The rules are that you must list five fictional characters that you would... well, you know... *cough*mumble*ahem*  (remember - fictional characters - not the actor), then pass the meme on to five other people.

1.  Puck from Glee
I do not need to explain why I would jump his bones... just look!!!

2.  John Bender from The Breakfast Club
I'm sensing a "bad boy" theme here already...

I'd let him look for cobwebs...

4.  Matt Damon as himself
in the "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" video  by Sarah Silverman

5.  Andrew Stone of Starman 
he may not be fictional but he is certainly is fabulous

I tag the following lucky people:
Emily O at Babyrambles
Manda at Flying Start Magazine (maybe something to start the new blog off with?)
Paula at Battling On

*NB:  this blog post was written with my tongue firmly stuck in my cheek