Stand Up For The Key Change

Ok, I'm sat here on a Sunday evening, I've watched the first part of Dancing On Ice, I've saved my part-written assignment to my pen drive to have a look at during my lunch break tomorrow and I'm having a nosy on Twitter before I watch a film.

Most of my Twitter friends are denouncing the ITV programme - Boyzone: A Tribute To Stephen Gately.  I'd decided not to watch this because I have never been a massive fan of Boyzone but, you know me, I can't resist a quick flick over to see what is so bad.

I wish I'd not bothered as it is more awful that even I envisaged.  The remaining band members are reading an autocue badly talking in between songs and they keep calling their departed band member "Steo" for some strange reason.  Every time they sing they are out of tune and they've got guest singers who are also crap; everyone looks really uncomfortable.  There are video clips interspersing all the bad singing and 'tributes' from people who apparently knew Stephen well (his sister probably did, so I'll let them off that one but Christopher Biggins and Paul O'Grady?  Purlease!!).  In fact, the highlight of the show has to be when Mika joined the remaining four members of Boyzone to sing "Gave It All Away" towards the end of the show.  Maybe they should enlist him as their new member?

I have a feeling that Boyzone were supposed to be returning to the pop world, in a move not dissimilar to Take That, and this programme was booked to be part of their promotion, however, Stephen's early departure went and put the mockers on that so we were left with this debacle.