Days of Wine and Roses.

Today the roses, tomorrow the wine!

Flowers always seem to brighten a room up, don't they?  Especially when they are PINK!

Not so long ago, Interflora sent me a bunch of flowers because I am very special *ahem*

The Interflora fairy has struck again - an early Mother's Day present - on the proviso that I "pay it forward" - a concept that I absolutely love.  I have to nominate another "special" person... but I don't think they mean my kind of special.

My nomination goes to a blogger who lives too far away for a quick squeeze so I hope a bunch of flowers cheers her up.  When she's on Twitter she's bright and cheerful and downright funny so it breaks my heart to read about the "bad days" (triggered by her disability) on her blog.

Interflora, you're just brilliant!

Big thanks to Easthams Secret Garden who created my bouquet again.
This year, Mother's Day in the UK is on 3rd April.