Radio Head

The voice in my head boomed "YOU ARE ON THE BBC.  DO NOT SWEAR.  ENGAGE BRAIN-TO-MOUTH FILTER NOW".  Sally waved her hand to let us know that she was about to introduce the show and suddenly, there I was, saying a "Good Morning" to the whole of Lancashire... and beyond, thanks to the wonders of the BBC iPlayer.

Today, I was a panelist on the Sally Naden show on BBC Radio Lancashire.  Apart from a couple of late-night discussions with James Whale and Allan Beswick (where alcohol may or may not have been imbibed) and a "Girls versus Boys" quiz show on a local radio station breakfast show, I have never appeared, at length, on the radio.

I was expecting a studio session for the show.  I had completely forgotten that Sally uses the radio station "theatre" for her panel show - a large room in front of the production area, floor to ceiling windows, looking out onto the centre of Blackburn and its Cathedral.  Anyone walking past can see the radio show in full swing and they can come into the theatre and watch the show live - in fact, I recommend it.  You can stay for ten minutes and have a quick cuppa or sit back and watch the full two hour show.  I was actually very nervous about "performing" in front of people but found it a very relaxed atmosphere and soon got into my stride.

My fellow panelists were William Slinger, a farmer from Pendleton near Clitheroe and Olwyn Pierce, founder of the Secret Singers acapella community choirs, so an multifarious group of guests.  We were encouraged to talk and ask each other questions - this wasn't an interview situation - and to just let the conversation flow.  At one point I was in danger of taking over, I think!  It was either that or I was going to clam up completely which isn't really advisable for a radio show, is it?

I have found my spiritual home and I hope I have the chance to be invited back again.  Of course, talking about myself comes completely naturally to me and I have a wide range of opinions, toned down for the show, obviously *whistles nonchalantly*.  I got to talk about me, and twitter, and me, and the family, and me, and tap dancing, and me, and the blog... all in my posh telephone (now also used for radio) voice.  And I even got to force people to accept dish out some of my brand new business cards which only arrived yesterday.  Everyone's a winner!

If you missed the show then shame on you you can "listen again" right here.  Normal service, with me ranting about something or other, will resume shortly.

6th April 2011
Edit:  The "listen again" feature isn't available any more but please be assured that I was fantastic and I will hopefully be going back in July/August so you will have the opportunity to hear my dulcet tones once again.