Today, I am featured in our local paper - the Lancashire Telegraph ( << click the link to read the article online).  It's a lovely article and very reminiscent of my life.  But you all read the blog so you already know that.

If you're here because you've read the article then a massive "HELLO" to you.  Grab a brew, get comfy and have a good old read.  You can leave comments at the end of any blog post (if you use the "guest" feature you only need your email address to be able to leave a comment and this is not displayed) - I encourage opinion and discussion.

Lancashire Telegraph Feature

I do have a couple of apologies to make.  I was not the 10th most influential parent blogger in the Tots100 in 2010 (I was 29th) but I was the 10th top parent blog on Twitter for 2010.  Secondly, I know my ego is massive but I'm not on the panel sat next to Sarah Brown at the Cybermummy Conference this year.  I will be there as a delegate... Sarah - do feel free to seek me out though.

I also did not say "We're the happiest we've ever been" but that can stay because I'm inclined to agree.