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Every year The Co-operative supports thousands of initiatives both in the UK and the developing world, helping people to change the world around them.  The Co-operative Group launched a TV commercial on 7th March which told the story of the Rochdale Pioneers who were the firs successful co-operative, way back in 1844.  This revolution is still going strong.

Today in the UK there are thousands of other co-operators who share the same heritage.  This is in addition to the six million members of the Co-operative Group.  You can also find over 5,000 outlets that run a co-operative business model including pharmacy, funerals, financial services and travel companies.

Baywind Energy Co-operativeThis campaign highlights The Co-operative's ethical credentials and features real people, such as the UK's first community owned wind farm.  The Boywind Energy Co-operative was established in 1996 when it secured a loan to purchase two turbines for their Harlock Hill site.  Baywind now generates around 10,000 MWh of electricity each year which is enough to power around 30,000 homes.  This is something I am really interested in at the moment as I am involved in an important European project at work based around renewable energy.

You can find out how to more information about how to get involved on The Co-operative Group's Facebook page

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