Turkey is for life, not just for Christmas.

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I think that turkey gets a bit of a bad rap at times - especially as it is quite low in fat - and it seems that Bernard Matthews Farms agrees with me.  They have teamed up with Marco Pierre White to promote more inventive ways of using turkey in family meals.

marco pierre white martin kempI love the advert with Martin Kemp, especially when he discusses his wife cooking the dinner.  I find it difficult to imagine the bass player from Spandau Ballet and Shirley from Wham's backing singers working out a menu plan for the week.  But that's just me - I'm an 80s chick at heart.  You can see Marco and Martin chilling out over a turkey dinner here (have a look at the out-takes too... very funny!).

Have you got any favourite turkey recipes?  Have you swapped chicken for turkey recently?  What about using turkey in Spag Bol or having it in a Tikka Masala for a change.  I'm not too sure about that but there's plenty of recipes and ideas over at "Change your meat, not your menu" and you can watch the Marco Pierre White recipe for turkey breast joint over on YouTube.   The best tip I ever got for cooking turkey was to cook it upside down.  This means that all the juices soak into the breast meat and stop it from tasting so dry.

This has inspired me to have a rethink about turkey.  Turkey is for life, not just for Christmas!
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