I was very sad today when I read about #twitrelief.  Basically, you can bid on eBay for a celebrity to follow you on Twitter and, for the highest bidder, they will become a "friend with benefits" for a short time.  They will follow you, retweet you and mention you for a whole 90 days.  All proceeds to Comic Relief, naturally (yes, I've included the Comic Relief links because I'm nice like that.  If you want to bid that's entirely up to you.).


I think I may have turned into the "Citizen Smith" of Twitter for half an hour - Power to the Tweeters or something -  because, for me, this actually take away the ethos behind twitter; the conversation and marketing platform that it has become.

A number of people actually agree with me too, mentioning the fact that it will not raise as much money as anticipated because only the highest bidder pays (@DaveLength), as nice as it is to get a reply from a celeb you shouldn't have to 'pay' for it (@Sassy2203) and the fact that if a celeb really doesn't want to follow you isn't it a little degrading to get them to follow you this way (@confessionsmum).  Put all this together with the fact that the majority of the eBay bids are into hundreds of pounds, it sort of puts me and my paltry ten quid donation in my place, doesn't it?  Ho hum.

click this on your tweet to get
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And so #twatrelief was born.  A chance to nominate your own Twat On Twitter (to tie in with a previous post of mine too).  FOR FREE!  Also, don't shoot me, but I'm actually going to include a blog hop for this!  You can write a post about your own "Twat On Twitter" or just nominate one on Twitter (using the #twatrelief hashtag, obviously) and enter the status update code into the link machine below along with your Twitter name.

My vote goes to Kenneth Tong.  For everything that he was, is and ever will be.  An odious little man who is living off his Grandfather's hard-earned fortune, was on Big Brother for about 30 hours and thinks that back-pedalling from his his "get slim or die trying" ideal was all a marketing exercise.  *shudders*

Here is the blog hop code for you to post on your own blog at the end of your post.  It will update automatically as people post their nominations from all over the internet:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

(you will have to insert it into the HTML section of your blog post)

#twatrelief was the brainchild of @cosmicgirlie and may have been encouraged by myself, @MumsRock and @HerMelness... LETS GET IT TRENDING!

BTW, I actually do support Comic Relief and think they do some amazing work as a charity but this is one idea that I'm not so keen on even though it will raise a good chunk of money for the cause.  You can't please all of the people all of the time.

The Red Nose Day byline is "do something funny for money".  If this has made you smile then consider a donation to Comic Relief.  You can do that through this #twatrelief Just Giving page.  Please try and spare just £2 for your nomination and claim the Gift Aid if eligible.