I was happily mooching around Facebook on Friday evening and noticed a Wall message from Tanya:

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.
Yes, I did used to have an apostrophe in my name.
No, I didn't remove it myself.

I am a stickler for my name being spelled correctly, especially after the maiden name I had (any old school friends reading... ssshhh - you've probably forgotten how to spell it anyway).  My name is O'Hara.  It's origins are Irish.  I'm proud of my name.  I don't give a shiny shite how the rest of my family spell it (Ohara, OHara).  IT'S O'HARA!!  End of.

So, Facebook.  You may not realise but when people spell my name incorrectly, I tend to get a bit pissed off.


This plight must have tugged at a few heartstrings because the lovely Debbi* set up a Just Giving Facebook Group (yes, even I realise the irony of that).

At the time of publishing, we have received no response from Facebook.

I sit here and weep.  I mourn for my missing apostrophe.  My apostrophe is out there somewhere, alone... looking for two letters to nestle between.  Without the O and the H it is vulnerable.  If you see it, send it back, please.

*I am mortified.  See the comments...  Sorry Debbi x