Me, Myself and I

My blog is all about me, me, me.  It totally amazes me that people want to read about me... and enjoy it!

Many people don't "get" blogging - as noted on the Bounty forum last week - and no matter how much us bloggers stand here and try to explain it, someone will always brand you a freak.

Blogging is cathartic.  It's therapy.

I've tumbled through my experience of parenthood and the ride continues.  We have lurched from cancer, to hearing and speech development issues, through to ADHD.  Is that the standard parenting experience?  What is normal?

I am at a stage in my life where I am the most comfortable with myself as a person.  I am starting to like myself.  After all, who really knows themself at age eighteen and what right did I have to believe that I could take responsibility for another life?  I certainly couldn't take responsibility for myself at that time.  Maybe I have finally come to terms with my mum's death and the fact that the world doesn't stop turning or evolving.  I'm not the person I thought I was or thought I was going to be.  That's possibly a good thing.

I did question myself on my Who Am I? post a while back and since then Kate has asked me to "fill in the blanks".  The prompts are in bold.

I am a frigging nightmare.  I am convinced I have a mild form of ADHD and it is not a joke.  I lurch from one project to another with a real need to get it completed but I am never happy with what I have achieved.  I always want more.
The bravest thing I have ever done is to start this blog.  I blog in my own name and lay myself pretty bare.  I've not really come across much negativity so far.
I feel prettiest when...  I can't answer this.  I have never seen myself as pretty.  Whilst I say at the beginning of this post that I'm learning to like myself, I have never liked the way I look.  I'm not in the slightest bit photogenic, I can't smile properly, I have never really found a hairstyle that suits me, I have no idea what clothes suit me or even fit me now that I've put a shedload of weight on... I could go on for hours here but it gets boring.  Anyway, you can see a (drawn) picture of me at the end of this post.
Something that keeps me awake at night is my husbands snoring.  See here!
My favourite meal is sausage, egg and fried bread.  Bacon shmacon - I can take it or leave it (sorry, Jay!).  I also love a good chicken tikka masala and cake and real scrambled eggs on toast and a proper donar kebab with cabbage and onions and... oohhh just food in general.
The way to my heart is between the fifth and sixth rib with a sharp knife by using the element of surprise.  A nice email, a present, something that doesn't cost anything.  A perfect example of this was a couple of weeks ago.  I came home from work and my husband had rearranged the spare room and put a desk and a chair in there for me.  Nothing major but I now have my own space to leave my uni books open at the page I read up to, pens all over the place and somewhere to crank my laptop up with no distractions (although I still spend an enormous amount of time with it balanced precariouly on my knee in the lounge, in front of the TV).
I would like to be me but more successful, richer, prettier, slimmer, less stressed, more chilled.  All accompanied by more wine.

On a similar level, both Jayne, Pippa and Emma requested that I join in the "One Word Meme" - originally devised by Michelle.  Here you get the chance to describe me in just one word.  I open this up to the floor and give you free rein.  What one word do you think of as soon as you see my tweets or see me publish a new blog post?

Finally, Nova has tagged me in the "This Is Me" meme and blog hop which feels like the only way to finish off this blog post.  We are supposed to invite our children to draw a picture of us and proudly display it on our blogs in the same way we pin their artwork to the fridge or display it on the walls of their playroom.  Well, you thought it couldn't get any worse than the passport photos (I think Tara is still having counselling)... I beg to differ.

Click for the full horror that is me through the eyes of my child.  *shakes head in disbelief*

There are a number of memes mentioned here.  If you fancy picking one up and running with it then feel free.  Just link back to me and give me a nudge when you're done so I can come and have a read.