100 Years Of Feeling Closer with Nivea

NIVEA celebrates its 100th birthday this year and they commissioned Professor Geoff Beattie to carry out research as a barometer of closeness in Britian.  The research was based around whether modern technology is bringing us closer than ever to each other or is it creating boundaries?

You all know how I feel about social media.  I love the way that I have intertwining circles of friends from all walks of life, most of whom I would never have "met" if it hadn't have been for the Internet.  I have entrusted a small number of them with some very personal information and others have afforded me the same trust in return.  Sometimes it feels easier to provide someone you've never met with personal information as they can give a neutral opinion and who are they ever going to tell?

It goes one step further though.  You find that the closer you become to your online friends, the more you want to meet them.  So we come full circle and we have friends who have broken the social media boundaries and become "real life" friends.
Facebook and Twitter have given us the opportunity to be closer than ever with the facility to share photographs.  Friends can comment under the picture, ask questions, leave a memory of their own - generate conversations and discussions.  And to take this further Nivea have opened a Feel Closer discussion page on Facebook.  They're looking for comments and experiences that you've had both on and off line.
They've also got a million moments of closeness competiton on too.  You have to upload a photo of a cosy moment with someone at facebook.com/niveauk. Your photo could be of you with a friend, colleague, partner, child, sibling - anything at all that shows your idea of closeness.  Each day for 100 days you could be in with a chance to win of of 100 prizes of £100 - Professor Geoff Beattie will be picking a new winner each day.  Nivea have also got a roving roadshow complete with photo booth for you to have your picture taken and automatically entered into the competition.  You can find out more details on the Facebook page.
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