Tea Review

I'm a "nice and strong, good splash of milk and three sugars please" type of girl when I'm having a cup of tea and I'm not usually overly fussy about what brand the teabags are either.  There is a definite art to making a decent brew too.  I have to leave the teabag in for a while, then spin it round a bit, then squash it against the side of the cup a few times, take it out, add the sugar then add the milk.  You CANNOT add the milk in at the bottom of the cup as the water scalds it and you don't seem to be able to get the tea quite so strong... See I'm VERY fussy.  Everyone else in our house drinks coffee or hot chocolate and I rarely drink tea when I'm out and about because no-one else seems to make it right.

Anyway, London Tea have sent me a selection of teas to try and, well, hold me back... I am a changed woman!  I have discovered fruit blends and flavoured teas with a vengeance.

This review came at the right time too as I am on a bit of a pre-holiday detox and my normal brew just doesn't taste right with sweeteners in.  I have had berry-flavoured tea in the past but never really stuck to it and now I'm thinking that I just hadn't tasted the right flavour yet.

Everyone has had a dip in the "selection box" - the white box on the right - which has nine different flavoured teas in.  Even my daughter took one of each type home with her to try!  My favourites out of there have to be the White Tea, Elderflower & Apricot, the Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus Fruits and the Peppermint. And I've found that most of them are sweet enough even for me.  I've not had to add more than two sweeteners to any of the teas, including the English Breakfast or the Earl Grey.  Their selection boxes are a great idea and if anyone is ever stuck for a present for me then, well, you know...

On the London Tea website they even have a section which explains how to use their pyramid tea bags to make Mocktails - tea-based, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.  Great for an summer evening in the garden (when we finally get the nice weather).