Cybermummy 2011 - Too Excited

I feel sick.  I've built up this bubbly, clever, innovative online persona and it's all going to come apart at the seams.

Tomorrow I shall be heading to London to seek my fortune attend the Cybermummy '11 convention.  Depending on how much you read my blog, view my YouTube channel or look at my Facebook page you may or may not be aware that this is a massively important event (for me) this year with regards to blogging and writing.

I am lucky enough to have all my expenses covered by the lovely people at Your Baby Can Read and you can visit their website by clicking on their logo in my sidebar just over there ==>
I reviewed their product last year and I'm a big fan of it as it incorporates education and play seamlessly.  I've also got a money-off code for new customers COMING SOON so I'll let you know when all that has been set up.

I have got so much to do and so many people to meet whilst at the convention but I am also a crowd-sourced keynote speaker and the nerves are just about starting to jangle.  I have to read a blog post from the last year to all attendees (over 450 at the last count) but you will find out which one it is on the day, either by listening to it (obviously, duh) or by following the live feed hashtag (#cybermummy11) on Twitter (and very possibly some Facebook updates).  *checks email* I'M ON SECOND *dies a little*

I have Manda from Flying Start Mag as my carer travel companion and roomie.  No, we're not related.  No, we're not sharing a bed.  No, we're not "in a relationship".  I think that covers all angles.  During our last twitter exchange she hadn't worked out what to wear and was going to shove her stuff in my overnight bag (oh, that's lovely, by the way - provided by Pink Lining UK... see pic) when she picks me up at 5am in the morning  - YES, THAT'S FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING - that's sleepy time, normally.  We get into Euston Station at 8.15am so if anyone wants to meet us there and walk round with us just let me know and we'll arrange to carry a copy of the Financial Times and meet under a clock or something.

I have no idea how I'm going to keep everyone updated with what I'm doing as I don't own a fancy tablet thingybob, I'm not lugging my laptop all the way to London and back and the battery on my mobile is shite at the best of times.  If you're at Cybermummy and see a strange woman crawling around on the floor then it's probably me looking for a spare plug socket to try and charge up my phone.

I've spent far too long worrying about hair colour, style, clothes, shoes and everything else that probably isn't important.  I am going to network as much as possible and I am going to try and 'work the crowd' because there are so many people that owe me a drink I want to meet.  If you've not already seen it, the vlog below is my "Oh so that's what she looks like..." introduction.  Yes, I am a little deranged but don't let that put you off.  ** TOO EXCITED **