A love/hate relationship with Friday Twiz

So which camp are you in?  
All you regular players with your sarcasm and wit... you're giving the FridayTwiz a bad rep!  
Or are you?

question friday twizFor those of you who don't already know, the FridayTwiz is my baby.  Spawned from a random boring Friday night on Twitter where I started tweeting general knowledge questions that I had found on a word document on my computer, this 'bit of a giggle between slightly tipsy internet friends' grew into the phenomenon that it is now.  You might even say "innovative"? *cough*quick plug - you have until 9pm tonight to vote*cough*  I love how popular it as become but it is my mistress.

I enjoy researching the questions for each week, trying to come up with new and interesting themes and I panic ever so slightly when a guest host takes over for the night (to give me a break) - much in the same vein as a nervous parent leaving her off-spring for the first or second time with a babysitter.  I am a slave to the account.

The Twitterers who play FridayTwiz grow weekly but there is definitely a bit banter with each other.  Plus those who dare to challenge Twiz Master decisions and others who bemoan the way in which Twitter and its many applications favour some players, but it really all is a bit of fun with many Twitter circles crossing and new contacts made.  Just what Twitter should be about really.

But, dear friends, it appears that we have to be careful with how we use our hashtags because the internet doesn't lie, does it?  Love or Hate?  Which will it be?

PS.  If you fancy joining in tonight, follow @FridayTwiz, have a read of the rules and come and join us at 9.30pm.