Wikio Parent Blog Rankings - June Preview

It's time for another sneak preview of the Wikio Parent Blog Rankings for June (if you like that sort of thing).  Last month I sent Neila Metz from Wikio a list of frequently asked questions regarding these blog rankings and you can find that post here.

1Sticky Fingers
2Redtedart's Blog
3ParentDish - UK
4Madhouse Family Reviews !
5PhD in Parenting
6Kate Takes 5
7Thinly Spread
8Mummy from the Heart.......
9Baby Budgeting
11Cafe Bebe
12Are we nearly there yet mummy?
13All Baby Advice
14journey of the mocha bean(s) and mummy
15All About The Boys
16The Five Fs blog
17Who's the Mummy?
18notes from home
20Maison Cupcake
Ranking made by Wikio 

Myself and Michelle - Mummy from the Heart - both get this exclusive chance to bring these rankings to you but she seems intent on dissing my bad self this month.  Just before the MAD's voting draws to a close too!  She's nominated for "Best Blog about Family Life" but it's more about her spouting off that she's a bad Christian and is on a "journey" or something.  Reverse psychology, I call it.  It's a shame that she feels the need to bring negativity into this or do you think she's trying to work the rankings and use the backlinks to bring more weight to her Wikio rankings?  

You want to watch her... she's pretty amazing and I love her to bits really!! *massive grin*