Filofax Friday : New Year, New Start

It's the first week of the year and whilst many people are getting their houses back in order after the holiday season I've been getting my Filofax back in order.  In 2011 I had got used to using a Personal sized cover (Chameleon in Spring Green - now discontinued from sale) and loved the soft cover but I've got a bit of a collection of Filofaxes now so had a choice of style and colour for 2012.

I have used them all over the past couple of years for one reason or another but still veer towards the Chameleon and I don't know why.  The red Cuban Zip is still a little stiff and needs to be used but the stiffness makes it hard to use (it currently stores writing prompts and acts as a notebook).  The yellow Hearts is a massive disappointment because the material and texture of the cover means that it gets dirty very easy and doesn't clean well.  The fir Panama came from the German website when they had a sale on and has that gorgeous leather smell but I'm not overly keen on the clasp.  I know, I know - it all sounds a little weird and needy but other Filofax and journal owners will know exactly what I'm on about.  Your planner has to feel right in your hand.

So I venture back towards the one I've been using for most of last year and drool over my collection of inserts, trying to decide on a colour scheme.  Of course, the whole point of having a refillable planner is that you don't have to replace much; maybe just the diary and add some notepaper but I'm a bit more obsessive than that, as we all know.  I've had a pick and choose from my private collection and whatever I buy in as extra to it won't ever go to waste, will it? 

And off I go with my refilled and reorganised Filofax.  I have colour-coded personal, work and blog scribblings already and have even told myself that I'm not going to obsess over it so much this year (likely story).  I'm even already thinking of changing to the red Cuban zip so that it matches my Kindle case (gratuitous Kindle shot coming up so that you can see the reason behind my thinking) and we're only five days in...  what do you think?