Gone With The Wind

The child darted around the corner as the lightening
struck. He started to run down a dark valley. All of a
sudden he tripped. When he got up all he saw was
a whirlwind. It started to move towards him. It lifted
him and he disappeared for good.

Jake O'Hara (aged 12)

My son's school submitted pupils' work for the Young Writers Mini Sagas competition and Jake's has been chosen to be included in their published anthology (which I won't be paying £15.99 for - I'll wait until it comes out on Kindle...).  They had to write on a theme that inspired them using 50 words or less.  

For Jake, it's a massive achievement.  For me, it's another Proud Parent Moment especially as he struggles with concentration and spelling at the best of times. 

I'll get him doing one of the 100 words challenges next.  Just like this has ended up as!