70 London Underground Stations In One Picture

London Underground Stations, art, picture

I spotted a tweet yesterday from @WalkTheLinesLDN which linked to this picture
(Mark's book looks amazing, by the way - a walk along the London Underground - overground - passing each station on the way - Amazon link if you're buying me a present here - Walk The Lines) .

You can find a large version of the picture here 
and a bit of googling sent me to the original blog post on Look For Longer.

There are apparently more than 70 London Underground stations on this picture.  I got about ten at first glance.  They are very cleverly incorporated into the drawing and some are more obvious than others.  When you find them, stick them in the comments and let me know what part of the picture you saw them in.

My first spots were:
Barbican (Barbie & Ken)
Lambeth (the lamb in a bath)
Elephant and Castle (sign on the pub)
Knightsbridge (knight and horse crossing the bridge)
Shepherds Bush (shepherd stood next to a bush in the road)

Now it's your go!