Hair Envy

I saw the results of a survey from a professional hair product retailer this week (oh yes, this is the sort of exciting email I receive on a daily basis...).  The survey was based around which celebrity hair style women would most like to have *huge eye roll*

The top ten favourites were Kate Middleton (I'm sure she's known as something different these days), Jerry Hall (it's amazing what three weeks on Strictly Come Dancing does for your profile), Cheryl Cole (it must have been her  X-Factor USA BIG hair period and not anything to do with the L'Oreal advert at all), Kelly Brooke, Victoria Beckham, Adele, Holly Willo'booby, Nicole Shirtslinger, Michelle Obama (*ponders that one for a moment*) and someone from Geordie Shore who I've never heard of (Charlotte, if you're that way inclined).

Hang on a minute... don't all these women have long flowing extensions locks?  What's up with short hair?*indignant look*

I think I might have the wrong shaped head for hair because no matter what photo I take into the hairdressers, it never seems to turns out right.  I can't ever remember being totally happy with a hairstyle.  I have serious short-hair envy when it comes to my friends Sian and Laura, and these women would be top of my favourite-celebrity-hair-style list.

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What's your hair envy?  Long?  Short?  Something in between?