The General Motors Diet : Weird or Wonderful?

I find all sorts of mad webpages through various means (I'm looking at you b3ta and StumbleUpon) and I'm not sure if it's representative of my current search history but a lot of yoga and diet pages seem to be thrown up (no pun intended) from all sides at the moment.  The General Motors Diet managed to find its way onto my screen and I'm fascinated and horrified all at the same time.  The idea behind the diet is that the food eaten burns more calories that they give to the body in calorific value (source: GM Diet Works) and the target weight loss is 10-17 lb IN A WEEK which sounds like my kind of diet.  Let's read on...

Rule 1:  You must abstain from all alcohol for the first seven days.
Oohh that's going to be DIFFICULT.  Powering through...

Rule 2:  You must drink 10-15 glasses of water each day.
I can't find out what size glasses.  Shot glasses = easy peasy.  Pint glasses = maybe needing to sit on the loo for the full seven days and have my meals brought to me.

Rule 3:  You can have as much of the GM soup (recipe provided) as you want.
I've looked at the ingredients.  It seems to be more water, cabbage and packets of powdered onion soup mix.  Yum!

Day 1.  Eat nothing but fruit.  Yes, there are no bananas.
Day 2.  Eat nothing but vegetables.
Day 3.  Eat a mixture of fruit and veg.  Learn to fart to music.
Day 4.  Bananas and milk.  Nothing else.  You can have as many as eight bananas and three glasses of milk.
Day 5.  Beef and tomatoes.  Nothing else.  A veritable feast.
Day 6.  Beef and vegetables.
Day 7.  Brown rice, fruit juice and all the vegetables you can eat if you're not dead from starvation.

Day 8.  WINE, TAKE AWAY, CRISPS, JAW ACHE, HYPERACTIVITY.  Oops, sorry.  That was my inclusion.

In a weird sort of way I want to try this diet but I know for a fact that I wouldn't have the will power and I'd probably die through boredom.  There is no exercise involved which is great for couch potatoes like me but it probably means that if I did attempt to go to the gym during the week my left would fall off through muscle wastage or something.

So, who's with me?  What's that?  A resounding "NO"?  Aaawww....

P.S.  Does anyone know what the connection to General Motors is?  Did they make their employees follow this diet?  There seems to be no answers even on this link from World of Diets who look at the ins and outs of the diet.

Photo credit : someecards