Keep The Magic Alive At Christmas With The Portable North Pole

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Christmas is almost upon us and this year I'm getting quite excited.  Over the past few years, the build-up has been slightly muted because teenagers and grown-up children tend not to get too excited about the countdown.  Now that my grandchildren are at the age where they can get enthusiastic about Christmas, it is the perfect opportunity to be the best Nana in the world and arrange for them to send a message to Santa through the Portable North Pole website.

I organised this for Jake a couple of years back.  He was at that stage in life where he was questioning the logistics of the delivery of presents but still wanted to keep the magic alive for just another year.  It did the trick!  All I had to enter was his name, the town we live in, what he really wanted for Christmas and also to upload a photo of him.  That was the clincher, right there!

It's worth bookmarking the website now so that you can see when their new video is live (you can also arrange an email reminder) and you can have a look behind the scenes where the most important questions, such as "How do reindeers fly?" and "Does Santa wear anything other than his red suit?" are answered.  In fact, the new video for 2012 will show you exactly what Santa wears at home. 

The PNP website will be live from November but they also offer birthday messages for the rest of the year too.  You can keep in touch with them on Twitter and Facebook too but those streams seem to be the source of bad jokes like 
"What's the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?  The Christmas alphabet has Noel."
Ho, ho, ho...

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