The humble Digestive biscuit. Boring or misunderstood?

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It is two days before payday and the cupboards feel a bit like they should belong in Old Mother Hubbard's house.  I was looking for something to snack on with my mid-afternoon brew (tea with three sugars, if you don't mind) but it looks like the teenagers in the house have cleared us out.  Well, everything except the Digestives.
  • The humble Digestive biscuit.  Boring or misunderstood?
This was the question I pondered whilst munching on the abandoned biscuits so I did what any serious blogger did.  I Instagrammed the fuck out of a picture of my grub and posed my social media network with the same question.  The responses were interesting.

Twitter, as always, was the most responsive (I don't think this lot have anything better to do):
  • It's my favourite biscuit (@caroljs)
  • Misunderstood! Spread on some chocolate, philadelphia and you have a match made in heaven. But just as nice with cheese and Branson [sic] pickle (@mumsmoments who did apologise for the typo afterwards)
  • My boy would rather have a digestive biscuit than any other kind (@RedRoseMummy)
  • Oh so full of possibilities. With chedder & pickle, cream cheese, jam & cream. Or just plain dunked! (@DebutotsNWHerts)
  • Misunderstood. Excellent for dunking or with butter.  Lots of butter (@lesleyannp1)
  • Misunderstood. No digestives, no scrummy cheesecake base (@milliepaw) [best answer yet]
  • I love digestives. Only recently realised they are graham crackers in the U.S. (@margotbarbara - but @pinget tells me that graham crackers have zero fibre/fiber)

There was no response on Google Plus (*silent weeping*) so I think I'll stick to geeky type conversations and link sharing over there was saved when these updates appeared:

The original picture on Instagram drew in:

My Facebook crew must have slightly more refined tastes:
  • Boring, so boring. I haven't eaten one since I was a child... and even then it was because it was that or nothing. (Danielle)
  • I buy a packet of chocolate digestives every week. Love 'em!!! (Av)
  • The humble digestive is one of the best foodstuffs known to mankind.  It goes with sweet or savoury, cheese especially and it can be dunked in tea, coffee or lemon barley water (recommended).  All hail the digestive.  (Rob)

And on that note... I'm off to do some spreading, dunking and experimenting.

How do you like yours?