The Back To The Future Timeline

A short while back I got a bit pissed off with all those fake mock-up images floating around Facebook and Twitter with regards to the actual date that Doc takes Marty to in the future.  So I became a complete party pooper and made my own image - 21st October 2015.  Coincidentally, over this weekend I've watched Back To The Future with my 13 year old but ended up attempting to explain the BTTF timeline.

And then I got confused.

So I resorted to good old pen and paper.

Which worked!

Back To The Future, timeline, film, 1980s

1.1 Marty goes back to 1955 and fucks about with his parent's relationship but fixes it and
1.2 goes back to 1985 which is all happy and sweetness and
1.3 Doc goes on a discovery mission to 2015 but
1.4 has to come back to 1985 so that he can tell Marty that his kids are in trouble so
2.1 Marty, Jennifer and Doc travel to 2015 to try and fix it but
2.2 Biff steals the sports results book and takes it to himself in 1955
2.3 then returns to 2015.  Meanwhile
2.4 Marty returns to an alternative 1985 where Biff is King Of The World Hill Valley so
2.5 Marty goes back to 1955 to destroy the book so he can return to nice 1985 but
2.6 Doc was in the car which gets hit my lightening and disappears. Marty has a letter delivered
3.1 so goes to find Doc in 1885 after discovering that he gets shot by one of Biff's relations but
3.2 Doc decides to stay in 1885 with Clara and Marty returns to 1985 where the time machine is destroyed
3.3 but Doc returns in another time machine built in the style of a train to reassure Marty he is ok and
3.4 disappears off in the new time machine to discover... who knows?

And then I collapsed through exhaustion.