New Year Honours List (Typecast Style)

Today is the day that the New Year Honours List is published.  Many great people being recognised for their great achievements and many great people seemingly absent from the list.  Well, we're British... we have to have something to moan about, don't we?  Anyway, in true Typecast style, I thought I'd do something similar.


google plus logo
First I have to champion Google Plus and the continuous work being put into creating a platform that is both user friendly from a laypersons point of view and useful from a brand/business point of view has to be recognised.  And also a gratuitous mention for Rosie - someone I've met through blogging and admire greatly - for securing what is possibly one of the best jobs in the world... working at Google HQ as an independent community manager.  

cybher logoWhen it comes to friends, I am proud to call Sian To one of my go-to people for both blogging and personal advice.  Our friendship has grown over this last year and she says it like it is.  If one of my ideas is shit, she tells me so.  She is the woman behind the amazing conference, Cybher, she was a leading force in the #ShareNiger campaign earlier this year and, probably most importantly, she helped me to redesign my branding for Geekalicious towards the end of the year.

high tea cast logo
At Cybher, I had the great fortune to choose a workshop that highlighted podcasting.  The amazing High Tea Cast ladies were heading this session and they stand for everything that women should be proud of in this modern world... business, radio, feminism and burlesque!

King of Ankh twitter avatar
I'm going to give my Twitter mate @KingOfAnkh a mention for his hard work all year round on the quite morbid but hugely entertaining Dead Pool.  Selecting thirteen famed and noted people who might die at some point in the next twelve months may not be the type of entertainment that everyone has in mind but KoA's weekly humorous newsletter and points system keeps us all on our toes.  Which reminds me... I need to finish my 2013 list and send it in before NYE!

Dream Corner, Viv Oyolu
In July I was invited onto the radio show Dream Corner.  Viv Oyolu's conversational show is full of inspirational women and is educational and enlightening and it was an honour to appear on the show.  You can listen to my time on Dream Corner here and fall in love with Viv's beautiful accent and engaging style of interview.

no more page three logo
The "No More Page Three" campaign has fascinated me in the latter half of 2012 and I've stayed on the periphery as I'm not a great advocate of public 'noise'.  However, it is gathering speed and is opening discussions about feminism, of which I am always open to learning about.  We are almost thirteen years into the 21st Century.  Do we really need thin girls baring their tits just under the front cover of a national newspaper?  What message does it sent to the next (or any) generation?  I'm all for supporting this campaign that is spearheaded by Lucy-Anne Holmes and hope that the petition continues to gather signatures and certain British newspapers sit up and take notice!


Who does your New Year Honour go to?  Let me know in the comments!
And, you know that if you're *not mentioned in here, you're part of the "great people seemingly absent from the list" of course....

*think I covered myself well there